Wolves in sheep’s clothing

There is, it seems to me, a concerted effort within the church to dumb down the masses within the church concerning truth, false doctrines and heresy. I have written on the issue of heresy somewhat before, and I am not going to repeat it here. The word “heresy” has become a curse word in many evangelical circles!

It has gone so far that almost all Christian bookstores now have a range of books written by heretics, therefore showing no discernment in the least. Many years ago I wrote to one of these bookstores, CUM (a chain of Christian retailers), and in their reply they said that they cater for all kinds of Christians. Sorry? I thought a heretic could safely be classified as non-Christian! Of course, not only stand-alone Christian bookstores are at fault here. There are Christian bookstores connected to reputable churches that have also fallen into this trap, such as the Impact Bookshop chain!

Now, apart from churches that don’t mind heresy in their pulpits, Christian bookstores and radio stations that have made time available for the pundits of heresy, Christian magazines are in on the act too!

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