Expanding the Steps

Now for a little more about our Four Big Steps:

STEPPING DOWN – A Church Transition:
We are moving from our current responsibilities to the new roll of Missionaries sent out as an extension of the ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel.  Steve is currently preaching a series on the book of Acts called, “ALL FOR the Mission of God” that will lead up to Palm Sunday and Easter concluding his pulpit ministry.  Steve and Terri will continue to assist Harvest in the development of their missionary program, policies, and procedures as they become a “sending church.”

STEPPING OUT – A Personal Transition:
We are moving from a generous salary to dependence upon God to provide for us through his people.  We have begun the work of preparing to sell our house in what some are calling a ‘depressed market.”  We will be leaving behind family and friends. We will be seeking a new home and community just north of Brownsville, Texas.

STEPPING IN – A Ministry Transition:
We moving from a position as the primary leader of a church to a member of a team staff with one primary area of ministry leadership and responsibility. Steve is looking forward to using his gifts, passion and experience, in shaping the next missionary martyrs to unreached peoples, as the Director of the Center for Pioneer Church Planting at To Every Tribe. Steve will oversee this unique training that will place the students in the classroom 60% of the time and in the field (Mexico and Papua New Guinea) 40% of the time as they gain the biblical, theological, and missiological understanding and skills of church planting among tribal people. We hope to be in Texas before the new school year begins in September.

STEPPING UP – A Growing Transition:
We are moving to create multiple means of communication to keep you informed and us connected in what God is doing in and through the development of a partnership team as we begin our ministry with To Every Tribe. We are beginning this work now and will move into a full-time effort on May 1st. We want you to be one of the first to join with us as a partner in one or more ways.

Information about the Partnership Team we are building will be available in a later post.

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